Mission & Purpose

House of Seven Pillars is a faith-based ministry established to provide a safe and confidential place to renew one’s spiritual relationship with God. Confession and repentance are core to its work and mission.

Spiritual Coaching and Prayer Ministry co-work with the sovereign gifts of the Holy Spirit to facilitate seven steps:

1)  confession
2)  repentance
3)  forgiveness
4)  spiritual cleansing
5)  generational deliverance
6)  redirection and fulfillment
7)  anointing and celebration

This process helps individuals move toward their true identity and purpose in Christ — equipped and ready to glorify God in all they are and do.

Desired goals of receiving this ministry include:

•  Eliminate shame and guilt from your life
•  Have absolute confidence that your sins are forgiven
•  Receive grace, mercy and redemption from haunting doubts
•  Be restored and renewed in relationship with God, others and self
•  Increase your knowledge, understanding and intimacy with Jesus Christ
•  Discover your true identity and purpose in Jesus Christ
•  Build your faith, trust, and security in God as your everlasting Father

For more information or a confidential interview please call Tom at 763-227-3431.

God bless you,

Tom Berscheid, MA, LMFT, LPC
Ordained Minister & Certified Life Coach